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Adopted Babies

Past Chihuahua Babies From Years Ago
All these's babies were adopted locally while we were living in California...
This is Oreo Gmoe and their first baby

Baby Lucy at 12weeks

April at 6 weeks

Aren't We Cute

LUIE BORN 2-20-1997






















Why so MANY websites About Shorkies??

Part of building a successful on line business is getting the people to your website. After all The internet

is full of websites offering the same things some not as good as others, but still the same.

 Every Shorkie breeder wants to be number one in Google when it comes to shih tzu and yorkie mix

 puppies.  The higher you  are on the search engines the better your traffic will be.  So you need to

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But you must build a solid ethical source of increasing natural liking to your site, because

 if you have a good  reputation you don't want to link to unethical business or an in unethical

manner. So we have  built many informational websites with shorkie content on them all

 linking back to our main site. On each of our websites have abided by and applies all Google



to see cute shorkie puppies visit here www.shorkiepuppies.net 1.  Do you want to see A good shorkie puppy breeder visit our site

www.shichonpuppiesforsale.com for shichon puppies for sale

2. www.imperialshorkie.com We are an ethical shorkie puppy breeder

www.shichonbreeders.net For what is a shichon puppy

3. www.imperialshorkies.com  ethical shorkie breeders are hard to find

www.shichonpuppy.com information about shichons for sale

4. www.shorkieworld.com We offer SCA shorkie puppies to the public

www.shichons.net for shih tzu and bichon mix puppies

5. www.teacupshorkies.com I am proud to be A SCA shorkie breeder
www.zuchonpuppies.com for zuchon puppies for sale 6. www.teacupshorkie.com  Shorkie Club Of America shorkie puppies is what we offer

www.zuchonpuppy.com for cute zuchon puppies photos


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www.shorkie.net  Cindy is a Shorkie Club Of America breeder

www.zuchons.com Zuchon puppies are adorable 9. www.shorkiebreeder.com  Cindy is a Member of the Shorkie Club of America
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  15. www.shorkiepuppies.net I What is a shorkie? come find out