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Past Pets &

Pets that have retired from our breeding programs

 Ollie's joined his new family on 9-22-07. In Michigan.  We miss him Terrible. But he is doing great. I have talked to Kris SEVERAL times since he went home. He is adjusting well.


Past Pets
Our Dalmatians
In 1993 we got our first Dalmatian I picked her because she had one BLUE eye. That is where her name pearl came from. After have her for about 6 months we decided she need a buddy, so we rescued Pepper. We always called her pepper 2. We would say Pearly Lace and Pepper 2. They were both AKC registered. Pepper was MUCH smaller then Pearl. She was also deaf in one ear. Pepper came from a show breeder, but we did not get her from her, she was also in-lined bred, which I don't believe in. She always had health issues and I think it was caused form the inline breeding. I am sad to say in Aug. 2006 we lost our Pearl then a short 8 months later in April 2007 we lost Pepper to cancer. They will be in our hearts forever!!!!.
Pearly Lace
March 2203 When we first moved here

Pepper Two March 2003


We are very sadden to say we lost our G Moe today July 22 2007, he was 13years old